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Fille Sap – Level Up Silent Hunter

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Fille Sap – Level Up Silent Hunter

Log in your Facebook, MySpace, or even Yahoo and get one more step closer to the exciting and thrilling thrill of Level hunting in the wild. In FarmVille, you can now reach a virtual, escapist level of the life-like hunting you experience in real life. Released by Ironhide and developed by Prilep, Fille Sap allows you to experience, upgrade, and master the exciting art of farming. You say it is just a crop game-yes, an experience, a virtual farm experience, and so much more. Join the author in this journey to feed your imagined desire to discover an extraordinary farming experience. This is just a small step in the long road to realizing your wildest dreams.

Grappling hook to your farming experience!

FarmVille started with a tiny farm Level and now it has grown to an entire country. You will be lead to an enormous world, which is growing by the moment. You have to take care of crops,ights and many more. Your crops will RISK!-agents that grow wild on your land. If they do, you will lose money. You will also have to care for an entire population of wild pigs, which you can get rid of by feeding them. If you don’t feed them or they escape, they dig a well and then it grows infected and a horde of zombies will come to eat your crops. Do you have what it takes to handle this situation?

Your Neighbors:

Other people will also show up on your farm! You can visit them and fertilize their crops as often as you like, and sometimes you will get Allowance ribbons. Level These will keep you happy, and it doesn’t cost you anything. You will also get ribbons when you harvest things, clean up debris or when you sell something. You can also help them on their farm and they will help you on yours.

It Is A Community:

There will also be other people on your farm offering you help. You can ask them what they need, send them a gift, and they will send it back to you. Level Sometimes when they are not on the farm, you will see signs that they are online and you can ask them for help. If you like, you can leave them a note on your farm offering them some help. It’s free and over time, they will return the favor.


wild animals, which you can collect and Level sell for money. If you miss the chance to feed them, they will dig a well. Once it grows infected, it will spread and will kill you.

buy stuff to sell it for money. Once you get some farm dollars, you can buy stuff to sell it for real money.

There are many currencies in use on the farm. If Maize is to small, it will show up as the first currency. You will also see Farmhand as the second currency, which is Guitarung, and lastly, Monywit, which is Snakebit. Below are the set of items you can buy with these currencies: สล็อตเว็บตรงเเตกง่าย

If you are not happy with the pink colored items, you can sell them to the latest market after completing the black market. You can only sell what you own.

How to earn Farmville cash?

There are several ways to earn Farmville cash:

F Ornamental continually gives you experience.

Gauche also gives you experience.

Ware sales from the market give you Level more experience.

Buying the Best Items for your farm, gives you more experience.

Helping your neighbors gives you experience, If you help them too much, they might become irritated, so, please be careful.

Learn from the best, and the best way to earn Farmville cash is by leveling up.

Making a new friend – The more neighbors you have, the better Level your experience with the game would be.

Sending gifts to your friends, will allow them to get experience.

Farmville Tip:Watch Your Crops! Although all items Level planted will give you experience, some will give you more than others. For example, Maple Syrucks gives 7 experience points per crop, but, you can only get 5 experience points from each plot of Maple Syrucks that you plant.

Farmville is a great way to pass time, and meet new friends!

To earn Farmville cash, you have to be a regular at the game. You only have to be a friendly neighbor to your neighbors, and always be Level careful not to wilt your crops. Don’t worry about always having the best items or buildings on your farm, because you can always move them to another location if you get tired of having a wide variety of buildings. Just stay current with your Facebook friends so you can have the best farm possible.