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Home » Cataclysm Worgen and Death Knight Guide – What You Should Know?

Cataclysm Worgen and Death Knight Guide – What You Should Know?

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Cataclysm Worgen and Death Knight Guide – What You Should Know?

Worgen and Death Knight are the newest races added to the game Worgen. They are known to be the most challenging race to play. Players will spend a great deal of time leveling up, and when they do, they will get their very own pets. Worgen The interesting thing about the new race is that it has one of the oddest names out of all of the races in the game. What’s even weirder is the fact that you will gain a pet that you get to control, no matter what race you choose. The lore behind the race is massive, and covers every continent in Azeroth. From the barren lands of Ben Slowly it raises its ugly head, and gives birth to the most frightening creature in Azeroth. The Worgen are one of the first major races that players get to play in World of Warcraft.

Origin Story

The Worgen were actually the humans that went insane after their defeat in the final battle. They thought that if they just went and killed the innervates that helped them, then they would be able to be free Worgen from the mind control that was just affecting them. A war started that reignited their memories, and they tried to find out what they have been missing all these years. After they found out what their purpose was, they went back to their home to see how they were related to each other.

The Race

When you start out with your character, you will get to choose between a Worgen Dark Elf or a Night Elf. Then you will get to customize your character. Not all characters have the same back story, but you can customize yours anyway that you want. Once you start out, you will get to see a quest with your race. This is something that is unlike the other races.

Once you get done doing the quest, you will gain experience and levels. You will notice that you will increase in level over time. You will get a point added every time you gain a level.Worgen


Your talent points are what make you specialized in a certain talent field. When you get to level 10, you will see a dialogue box pop up on your screen. This will ask you if you want to specialize on either one field, or both. You will also get a talent point for every specialty that you specialize in.


When you reach level 20, if you Worgen chose to specialize in Beast Mastery, you will get a special pet. These pets are Warlocks. Everyone who specializes in Beast Mastery gets a useful and interesting pet in addition to their normal pet.


Each of the pets has their own unique abilities that help them during your games. You also get a skill that depends on whether you specialize in either Beast Mastery, or Survival. If you specialize in Beast Mastery, then your pet will have an increased health bonus, as well as do more damage when you attack. If you specialize in Survival, then your pet will have a less health bonus, and also do less damage when you attack.


When you want to Worgen change your specialization, you have to level the new specialization. Everything revolves around this. If you want your pet to specialize in something, you will need to level the ability to use it. When you level your pet, you will need to keep track of its specific abilities, and bonuses. These bonuses are bonuses that apply to your pet, and are skill based.Worgen สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

Every pet besides the Warlocks have a talent tree associated with them, and each one specializes in one particular thing. The skills in each talent tree are combined in three types. These are mainstream skills, which your pet can learn naturally; end ingredients which you gain by using specific recipes of the corresponding skill; and master skills which requires a lot ofolved information from all of the pets.Worgen

After you level up, you will get a talent Worgen point that can be placed in any of the three trees to upgrade your pet. You will also get a new pet at level one to specialize in, and this will continue to be added to the talent tree until you get a full pet at level 50.


It is a good idea to level up a new pet from scratch in a Worgen separate location from your regular pet. This will allow you to track abilities if your pet fails to perform an ability on its own. You will also want to buy a combat spec animal from the Auction House, since this will increase the damage done by your pet, since it is designed for maximum damage.